“Dear Future Emily…”

Last night, I grabbed my yellow pocket Moleskine from its tucked away place where I usually keep it. When I first got it, I deemed the notebook my “travel journal” and only grabbed it when I was travelling. The notebook has been camping with me, and has flown with me to California, and Texas, and back to Wisconsin. It’s packed with memories that I revisit each time I bring it out again. Along with my “resolutions” or goals for 2017, I want to start documenting the joy in my life. The gratitude that I feel–maybe not daily, but often. What better journal to write my gratitude in than the journal that’s been with me traveling? The one that just feels special to me.

While getting ready to write my first entry, I read the last one that I’d made. I was on a flight back to Wisconsin, and decided to write an entry for future me, knowing full well I probably wouldn’t see it for at least a year (and I was right–good job, past Emily). And, goddamn if the letter to myself from myself wasn’t exactly what I needed to hear starting off this new year.

So, for 2017, in order to foster more love and more light in my life, I’m going to take advice from myself:

Forgive yourself. What you’ve done as a younger you doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t mean you can’t change. You can. It’s easy. You’ve changed your life so many times in the past, and it’s always worked out. I hope you’re a step closer to being the you that you might want to be. I think you’re getting there, but right now, we’ve still got some growing to do.

I hope you know how proud I am of you.”

2016 was a year. We learned a lot. We grew a lot. We made mistakes. We loved so very, very much.  So, here’s to you, 2017. Here’s to allowing myself to feel what I feel, to do what I love, to start new creative projects and actually see them through.

Let’s make it a good year.


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