Autumn on the Brain

I turn 25 in three days.

I’ve been in Texas for almost a year.

I’m getting ready to enter my second year of graduate school.

I’m almost blown away by the passage of time. It seems to go so quickly–quicker with each passing year. I think to how I’ve gotten here, what I’ve seen and experienced this past year, and I wonder how it’s all gone by so fast. When I was a child, the summers seemed to stretch on forever; I couldn’t wait for the new school year, to learn new things.

We’re also coming on my favourite season, which is autumn. It’s August, so I’m basically in Halloween mode. It’s still bloody hot in Texas, but inside my apartment I burn candles that smell like orange and red fallen leaves, the chill of the cooling air biting cheeks and noses, the way the days get progressively darker and darker. I’ve got my Halloween horror theme planned out, and the taste of pumpkin spice lattes already on my tongue. I can’t wait for fall. For cooler weather and ghostly tales.

Here we are. New school year. New age. New experiences.

It’s all rather exciting, isn’t it?


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