Eight Days

Eight days stand between my hometown and my journey into a new city. A bigger city with new opportunities, new faces. I spent a majority of my summer freaking out. Wondering how I would learn the language of the place I’ll be staying for the next six to seven years.

Now, I’m excited. As the day looms closer, I find myself thinking about how this time in a couple of weeks, I’ll be back in class. I’ll be doing what I love with people who love it, too. I think about how, after a year of wondering if I’d ever get into graduate school, I’m here. I got in. I did it. Now, I get to live it .

The hardest thing, but far, thinking about what I’m leaving behind.

Humans have the insatiable desire to connect to other humans. Pick up any book or movie and there’s a large likelihood of coming across two characters trying to understand each other, through words or actions.

We long for people to accept us, to know us, to see past every flaw and mistake. We yearn to feel loved, cherished, and desired. We want to feel appreciated and sympathized with. With each person we meet, we hope that he or she form a new connection. And, when they do, it can be the best feeling in the world.

Sometimes, we meet people and we don’t know how much they will mean to us in the future. It’s always a surprise when someone new morphs into one of the best people you will ever get the chance to meet. You go on adventures. You learn together. You grow together.

And, sometimes, you have to say goodbye. Or, rather, ‘see you soon.’ Because we’re going in separate directions (say, for example, New York City and Austin). It doesn’t mean you stop being friends. It just means you’re both in a new location.

It also means that I get to form new connections, which I’m excited for. Meeting new people, experiencing new things. It will be amazing. And, it doesn’t mean that just because I’ll be down in Texas I can’t still bother my people in Wisconsin (or New York). It just means my connections stretch across the country.

Those connections will still be there. Keep them. Hold onto them. Because they’re special.


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